Updated Classic Entry List

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Slowly but surely, classes are starting to pad out.  With just over 6 weeks to go, it’s time to get on-board folks!   Registrations and payment are taken directly from our web site bendigorccarclub.com 

Classic raffle draw update

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Last week we posted about an awesome addition to the Bendigo Classic raffle draw in the form of a donated custom-painted S Type body from Trigger Finger Designs.   We neglected to mention that whilst Kayde from TFD is providing … Continued

Updated Events Calendar

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Today, we’ve updated our website Calendar to incorporate our race meets with the greater Victoria-based club event calendar.  This makes it easier to plan not only BORRCCC club days but also other club events too! The new calendar is available … Continued

Classic payment validations

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Moving forward, we are cross-checking the payments for the Bendigo Classic bookings to ensure what is ordered directly reflects what is required by way of class bookings, control tires and their respective quantities.  We urge everyone who makes a payment … Continued

Another classic Classic donation

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In the lead up to the October Classic, we’re getting some awesome support from donors for prize draws at the event.  The latest is a generous custom-designed paint job on an S Type body courtesy of the very talented Kayde … Continued

Classic Entry list update

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We’ve put a quick update to the list of entrants on to the website to reflect the registrations over the course of the week.  Keep them coming all! Registrations and the list of entrants is available here. http://bendigorccarclub.com/bendigo-classic/

Race List updates

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We’ve only just announced the opening of bookings for The Bendigo Classic over the weekend but are starting to get entries and interest in who has signed up already.  As such, we’ll keep an ongoing list of entries on the … Continued

Photo Galleries

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We’ve added a Photo Galleries section to the website!  First gallery is of pics taken by our budding photographer Jon Theodorou at this year’s Vic Titles at Boronia.  Be sure to check out Jon’s Photography page on Facebook here as his … Continued