Chassis & Drive Chain

Four Wheel Drive touring car chassis only.

Single drive motor, single speed Transmission, four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles are allowed only.

Chassis must have independent suspension to all four wheels.

Minimum Weight, ready race including personal transponder is 1350g.

No part of the chassis assembly, including wheels/tyres/axles, may protrude outside the body shell when viewed from above.

Foam bumpers must be fitted. No part of the bumper may extend outside the body-shell when viewed from any direction, nor be lower than the chassis. Under body/chassis aerodynamic aids of any nature are not allowed.

Body Shells

Bodies are only allowed if on current IFMAR, EFRA, ROAR or BRCA body shell listings, and comply with the Global Body Specifications (GBS) for electric touring cars.

Wings (excluding endplates) are to be of single molded construction (no flatpacks/bend your own) and must be mounted directly to the body (no spacer between shell and wing), on the mounts provided at the back of the approved shell.

The body shell must be trimmed to retain, in some form, molded features such as front splitter, side skirt and rear bumper.

No holes or slots are allowed on the body or wing, except for body post, aerial and transponder holes.

Details of all front and rear lights plus the main front grill must be clearly contrasted from the surrounding paintwork. Windows are to be transparent.

All cars must have a minimum of two identifying numbers, one on the front windscreen, and one on the side presented to race control whilst on track.

Speed Controller

Speed controllers eligible for Stock classes must provide zero timing advance, along with disabling advanced motor control functions (i.e. Boost, Cheat Mode, Turbo, etc). When the “0 Boost” profile is enabled, it shall be indicated by a blinking LED while the ESC is armed and in neutral position.

Controlled Motor

Approved Brushless Motor for the class to be decided by BORRCCC committee.

Approved Motors, JUSTOCK-3650SD-21.5T G2 o No motor modifications are allowed.

A gear ratio limit of 3.5:1 is to be ran. This is to protect the motors from excess heat caused by over gearing and keep performance equal. o Motors will be purchased by the club, a fee for each race season (six months) to cover initial cost of motors and then normal race day fee per race day.

Motors will be selected and handed our randomly at the start of each race day.)

Motors are to be handed back in at completion of each race day


Only Batteries that appear on the ROAR or BRCA approved battery lists 2S LiPo batteries with a maximum nominal voltage of 7.6v Approved Lithium Polymer batteries only as per ROAR, IFMAR or BRCA web site listings.

Batteries must be factory sealed in a hard case that can withstand impacts as per ROAR testing procedures.

No soft cased batteries allowed, for primary battery source. No modifications are allowed to the case and/or the battery, any physical distortion, denting, split seams, puncturing or other damage to the hard case of the LiPo battery will deem the battery to be ineligible for use.


Touring car style slick tyres and dish rims to be used.

A limit of 3 sets of tyres per season to be used.

The BORRCCC committee prior to the commencement of the race season may choose a controlled tyre.