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Spec Class rules will be amended for the next series which will commence in July,

The first change will be that Racers will now be able to supply their own approved motor; the Hobbywing JUSTOCK-3650SD-21.5T G2.  Obviously motor modifications are NOT allowed.  At the start of the series all motors will be motor-checked and marked for the series. The Club will be selling off any Motors used in the current series at a a price of $40, however the club will still have a limited amount of motors to hire should they be required.

The second notice is to car bodies.  For consistency, it will be enforced that only 1 plain colour with no variances is to be applied to the bodies. ONLY decals allowed on your car body will be your personalized number, HobbyWing, Hearns Hobbies, Bitty Design and your car brand ( if you wish ) NO exceptions.  Lets support those whom support the class.  Cost of the series will be $30 for the 6 month series which will include a BittyDesign NARDO Body provided for the participant to use. Please notify the club here if you intend entering the Winter Series of the Spec Class with your personalized number and color preference, as there will be a cut off of 24 places.

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