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Today we had our Annual General Meeting open to all club members.  This meeting agenda saw nominations and swearing on of a new committee for the next 12 month term.  Before we get to the new committee, there are a few members taking a well-earned break and we would like to acknowledge the help, hard work and dedication shown by the following:

  • Brendan Carrick
  • Jon Theodorou
  • Kristy Mountjoy
  • Theo Theodorou

Whilst it seems wrong to single out the efforts of one over others here, it is appropriate we make an extra acknowledgement to Theo for all that he has done and continues to do for the club.  Whilst taking a break from the committee, Theo remains the heart and soul of the club and will be with us in spirit.

In addition to those returning to the committee, we have two new committee members and appreciate the help of :

  • Tim Forster
  • Sarah Bryan

The 2018/2019 committee therefore consists of the following:

President: Lyndon Turvey

Vice President: Garry Logan

Club Secretary : Dean Smith

Club Treasurer : Janine Logan

General Committee:

  • Wade Griffin
  • Tim Forster
  • Sarah Bryan

We all look forward to working in the best interests of the club and its members and hope you all support us in our endeavours over the coming 12 months.


Dean Smith
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Dean is a new comer to BORRCCC and still coming to terms with racing, vernacular and skills! As a "repayment" to the members he shunts around the track, Dean contributes to the website.

Dean Smith
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