Spec Class Winners Announced!

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Sunday June 24th saw the conclusion of the 2018 Summer Series for the first ever Spec Class – powered by Hobbywing and generously supported by Hearns Hobbies and Hobbywing.  The club would like to thank Nic from Hearns Hobbies and Angelo from Hobbywing for coming on board and supporting the club in its new concept.

Wow what can we say? The racing was very close from Round 1 through to Round 6 with a number of inexperienced drivers joining the experienced drivers in the class. The amount of fun and banter both on the drivers stand and in the pits, was certainly a highlight of the class/series.  With 12 Drivers registering at the start of the season, numbers for the class were always high with an average of 10 drivers racing the class each race day, with a high of 11 and low of 8.  The format made for very close and fun racing throughout the series irrespective of experience and skill levels.

The club has “tweaked” a few things to make the class more “racer friendly” and fun, catering for everyone who joins the series. Congratulations to those who improved their skills through the series, to those who finished on the podium and to everyone in general who participated and made the series a fun and enjoyable experience.

Nominations are being taken for the Winter series commencing on a new layout (possibly the 2018 Classic layout ☺) with 11 drivers already confirmed as running this series.

Nomination forms and Rules will follow after this post.

Without further ado, here are the final standings in the inaugural Spec Class.  Congratulations to Paul Edwards on an outstanding performance!

Hope to see you all next series!

Lyndon (Skip)

Club President


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