Spec Class Grading

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We have been fortunate enough to have a strong sign-up to the Summer Spec Series sponsored by RAB Hobbies. As such, we have split the competition in to two distinct classes; a A Grade and B Grade distribution of cars.

January’s race day was used to determine which class entrants would qualify in based on a 3 round qualifying session. The top laps times were the only criteria used to determine the classes and the following make-up, in qualifying order, has been determined for the season.

Spec A Class

Tim Forster
Paul Edwards
Ian Miller
Garry Logan
Scott Rawlings
Adam Box

Spec B Class

Theo Theodorou
Wade Griffin
Matt Johnson
Dean Smith
Janine Logan

If there are any other entrants, they will slot in to the Spec B Class grouping.

Dean Smith
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Dean is a new comer to BORRCCC and still coming to terms with racing, vernacular and skills! As a "repayment" to the members he shunts around the track, Dean contributes to the website.

Dean Smith
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