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The current logo has served us well. The committee has done a lot of work in reshaping the club this year though and think it may be fitting to rebrand to really align with our vision of a bright and colourful future for the club.

We’ve put together a few example logos we are looking at and want your feedback as to what works, what doesn’t and even opinions on whether some elements could be incorporated from one logo to another. Or, if you have any other ideas, email us through a mock-up of your own!

At this stage we’re just after feedback and would appreciate your input via a voting mechanism that will help us understand what people like and what they don’t. The committee will take this feedback on board and follow up with a next phase based on your responses.

Don’t be shy with your feedback. But remember, we’re not graphic designers and they are just mock-ups based on our own (limited) capabilities. So, go easy on the critiquing!

Dean Smith
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Dean is a new comer to BORRCCC and still coming to terms with racing, vernacular and skills! As a "repayment" to the members he shunts around the track, Dean contributes to the website.

Dean Smith
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