Classic Track layout

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With just over two weeks remaining until the Classic, we thought we’d provide you with a preview of the track layout we will be running for the event.  Hope you all like it.  And look forward to seeing you at … Continued

Updated Classic List

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The Classic page has now been updated with current information regarding our generous sponsors and the event registrations.  Go take a look and be sure to sign up if you intend on coming.  We’ll be closing entries approximately one week … Continued

Updated Classic Entry list

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With only 32 days from Thursday’s open practice session for the Classic, here is an updated registration list.  Keep those entries coming! You can register here.

Updated Classic Entry List

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Slowly but surely, classes are starting to pad out.  With just over 6 weeks to go, it’s time to get on-board folks!   Registrations and payment are taken directly from our web site 

Updated Track Records

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Today saw an impressive 23 entries for a cold and miserable day.  Round 1 didn’t see 13.5T class run but it did today, so race and lap records have been recorded for this class.  In addition, we ran 12th scale … Continued

Classic raffle draw update

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Last week we posted about an awesome addition to the Bendigo Classic raffle draw in the form of a donated custom-painted S Type body from Trigger Finger Designs.   We neglected to mention that whilst Kayde from TFD is providing … Continued

Updated Events Calendar

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Today, we’ve updated our website Calendar to incorporate our race meets with the greater Victoria-based club event calendar.  This makes it easier to plan not only BORRCCC club days but also other club events too! The new calendar is available … Continued

Classic payment validations

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Moving forward, we are cross-checking the payments for the Bendigo Classic bookings to ensure what is ordered directly reflects what is required by way of class bookings, control tires and their respective quantities.  We urge everyone who makes a payment … Continued

Another classic Classic donation

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In the lead up to the October Classic, we’re getting some awesome support from donors for prize draws at the event.  The latest is a generous custom-designed paint job on an S Type body courtesy of the very talented Kayde … Continued

Classic Entry list update

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We’ve put a quick update to the list of entrants on to the website to reflect the registrations over the course of the week.  Keep them coming all! Registrations and the list of entrants is available here.

Race List updates

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We’ve only just announced the opening of bookings for The Bendigo Classic over the weekend but are starting to get entries and interest in who has signed up already.  As such, we’ll keep an ongoing list of entries on the … Continued

Photo Galleries

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We’ve added a Photo Galleries section to the website!  First gallery is of pics taken by our budding photographer Jon Theodorou at this year’s Vic Titles at Boronia.  Be sure to check out Jon’s Photography page on Facebook here as his … Continued

Spec Class Presentation

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At the conclusion of week 1 of the Winter Series, we paid tribute to the winners of the Summer Series Spec Class.  Congratulations again to Paul, Tim and Lyndon.  You are now targets for the new series!  

New Entry in the Learner Corner

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Tonight we’ve added a new entry in the Learner Section focusing on batteries.  Do you know the optimal cell voltage to store your battery at?  Or at what levels of internal resistance in your batteries indicates you probably need to … Continued

Winter Spec Series line-up

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With only 3 weeks until the new series kicks off, the Spec class is filling fast.  We are still taking entries but the field is now considerable so if you want to be part of the action, get in and … Continued

Spec Class Series Rule updates

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With the beginning of the Winter Series approaching, we have made some tweaks to the Spec class rules.  Thanks to Wade for all the effort here in ensuring the class is consistent, fair and fun.  You can review the revised … Continued

Spec Class Winners Announced!

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Sunday June 24th saw the conclusion of the 2018 Summer Series for the first ever Spec Class – powered by Hobbywing and generously supported by Hearns Hobbies and Hobbywing.  The club would like to thank Nic from Hearns Hobbies and … Continued

Who won the Spec Class Series?

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  The final round has been run. The armoured vehicles have now left for a secret location with the day’s results. Our global auditing partner is now reviewing all results and tallying the numbers. Watch this space for the announcement … Continued

New Committee Announced

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Today we had our Annual General Meeting open to all club members.  This meeting agenda saw nominations and swearing on of a new committee for the next 12 month term.  Before we get to the new committee, there are a … Continued

New track layout preview

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With only one round of the Summer Series remaining, it’s time to get ready for a new track layout.  Yesterday saw a few members trying out some variations of a completely different track flow with hoses dragged and placed throughout … Continued

Spec Series reflection

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With only 1 round of our inaugural Spec Series remaining, we thought it only fitting to acknowledge one of the key reasons for such a successful competition; the support and assistance the club has received from Hobbywing. Not only did … Continued

Spec Class – Winter series

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Ok with 1 Round left in the Summer Series Spec class powered by Hobbywing and supported by Hearns Hobbies, entrants now being accepted for next series commencing in July on a brand new track layout – only change to this … Continued

Track Records

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Today we have expanded on the track section information to pay homage to the record holders of fastest lap and race times.  For bragging rights of course!  If you’re on the list, congratulations.  If not, these are the drivers to … Continued

Live racing starting now!

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Today marks the first race meet with our new live scoring system and we are live NOW! You can access the system in one of two ways: Via our website at Via the scoring system site directly at … Continued

Noob Corner

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Today we introduce a new section to the website to act as a bit of a knowledge base for all things RC car related. It aims to provide everyone with information on key components relating to setup and theory as … Continued

Vic titles

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In a couple of weeks a few of our members are heading down to Melbourne for the Vic titles. Boronia Radio Control Car Club will host on the 4th – 6th of May 2018. If you would like any further … Continued

Round 3 Race Report

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Rain Wind and more Rain has left us with no other option other than scrap Round 3, after 2 poor weather cancellations in March followed by todays washout, it was decided Round 3 will not be ran ! However Spec … Continued

Mother Nature vs BORRCCC Round 3

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You win again Mother Nature. We’ll try again Sunday 29th which will offer double points in the Spec Class comp adding a bit more interest to the event! Hope to see you all there then.

Spec Class rule updates

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Spec Class rules will be amended for the next series which will commence in July, The first change will be that Racers will now be able to supply their own approved motor; the Hobbywing JUSTOCK-3650SD-21.5T G2.  Obviously motor modifications are … Continued

Membership offer!

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Any membership nominations received now will be valid until the 30th of June 2019, giving new signings 3 months free membership. Perfect time to jump on board and support the Bendigo Club.  Click the here for all prices and membership … Continued

Classic Sponsors

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BORRCCC are proud to release our Bendigo Classic promotional flyer with our event sponsors: Hearns Hobbies Hobbywing PRO AMPS RC innovations We thank you all for your ongoing support of the club and the event!

Mother Nature 2 – BORRCCC 0

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Two weekends in a row now we’ve had to postpone the race meet due to inclement weather. Be sure to note the intent of running a catch-up March meet on Sunday 29th April in addition to the regularly scheduled April … Continued

New lick of paint

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We are currently undergoing an update of our website to freshen up the content and provide a simplified way of getting around the information here.  Our intent is to make this the most up-to-date and primary form of media for … Continued