Any 1/10 all-wheel drive sedan with 4-wheel independent suspension.

Starting out, need a car:
ATVA is a class that can use baseline/ old kits as like old race cars of its time. So, you don’t need a high-end kit with VTA racing as the minimum weight brings the kits back to an equal playing field.
The old races where heavy that’s why 1500 grams is set as the minimum weight.


21.5 turn brushless

  • Any 21.5 turn brushless motor from the ROAR Approved Brushless Motors list 
  • Motor case may not be modified in any way other than the replacement of bearings. That means no extra cooling holes.
  • Standard rotor as supplied by the manufacturer to be used in all motors. No tuning rotors, must use OEM rotor 12.3-12.5mm
  • Standard Hall sensor as supplied by the manufacturer to be used in all motors.
  • Physical motor timing is allowed. However, you may not go beyond the manufacturer’s maximum timing mark.


  • Speed controllers must be programmed into Stock/ blinky mode.
  • Any ESC from the ROAR Approved Non-Timing ESC list 

Body Shell

  • Any 190mm or 200mm body that is 1960 to 1979
  • HPI or others suitable, Australian Muscle cars. No Slanted or modern Japanese cars etc. No 2-seat sports car (Chevy Corvette is Ok, just. If you really have too.)
  • AUS VTA is about Australian and USA Muscle cars. Not European or Asian cars.


Two brands of tyres allowed and using the stock tyre inserts provided with tyres.

  • 4793 – HPI VTA Front Tyre (26mm)
  • 4797 – HPI VTA Rear Tyre (31mm)
  • 10140-00 – PROTOform VTA Front Tyres (26mm)
  • 10139-00 – PROTOform VTA Rear Tyres (31mm)

Rims and tyres designated as “front” must be used as front tires/ rims, “rear” rims/tires must use as rears.
Five or Eight spoke rims available from HPI and PRPTPfrom in various colours. 0mm offset front rims and 6mm offset rear rims are intended for 26mm width fronts and 31mm width rear tyres.

HPI 8-spoke Vintage rims from #3805 through #3814, HPI 5-spoke Vintage rims from #3815 through #3822 and HPI Vintage stock car rims from #3854 through #3860, HPI Vintage Rim CC Type #33472 and #33473, HPI Vintage Rim DTP Type #33474 and #33475.

2766-03 | PROTOform VTA Front Black Wheels (26mm)
2766-04 | PROTOform VTA Front White Wheels (26mm)
2765-03 | PROTOform VTA Rear Black Wheels (31mm)
2765-04 | PROTOform VTA Rear Wheels (31mm)

Grinding of tire tread is NOT permitted. Sanding of mould seam to remove seam is allowed. No other altering, changing or softening of the tire is allowed.
HPI Vintage Slicks and HPI Vintage Performance tyres are not allowed.

No “double stuffing” of foam inserts allowed—only single stock vintage tyre inserts are allowed.

Hop Ups

Any Hop Ups that are available from the Manufacturer


  • Only Batteries that appear on the ROAR or BRCA approved battery lists
  • 2S LiPo batteries with a maximum nominal voltage of 7.6v
  • Approved Lithium Polymer batteries only as per ROAR, IFMAR or BRCA web site listings.
  • Batteries must be factory sealed in a hard case that can withstand impacts as per ROAR testing procedures.
  • No soft cased batteries allowed, for primary battery source. No modifications are allowed to the case and/or the battery, any physical distortion, denting, split seams, puncturing or other damage to the hard case of the LiPo battery will deem the battery to be ineligible for use.


Gearing is not restricted.


Minimum 1500 grams ready to run including transponder.