About Us

Here at BORRCCC we are driven by our inner need for speed as we test the limits with our 1/10th Scale Radio Controlled Cars. The fastest cars in the Club reach speeds of 80kmph down our main straight over looking Reservoir Rd.

We race once a month on the third Sunday of every month.
Racing starts at 10am.

Each Race Meeting a BBQ is on offer for Racers as well as refreshments.
We are a Family Orientated club with no Alcohol or Smoking permitted within the Complex.

We are located in Reservoir Rd, Strathdale. Between the Tennis and Soccer complex.

If you would like a copy of our Club Code of Conduct or our Club Constitution, please let us know.

How to become a member

To become a member of the club, simply fill out the Membership form here and then paying for the appropriate membership from our Store page. We accept payment via PayPal directly through this site.

If you need any more information though, please email us directly at
info@bendigorccarclub.com and we'd be happy to help.

Our Committee

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Garry Logan
Club President

Garry (AKA Willy) has taken over the role of Club President mid 2018 and is steering the club towards a bright and prosperous future. Garry is well known and respected both within the club and the greater RC racing community. Garry drives predominantly in the 21.5T class; always with one eye on his car and the other on helping everyone else through his wealth of car knowledge. When not eating or sleeping, Garry is building, repairing or otherwise memorising part numbers to feed his RC encyclopaedic brain.

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Dean Smith
Club Secretary

Dean is a relative newcomer to the RC community and BORRCCC in general. Having joined the club in Jan 2018 he quickly found his way on to the committee as a general member to assist in the day to day running of the club. Dean stupidly began taking meeting minutes in the absence of a club treasurer at committee meetings and by default got appointed the Club Secretary role mid 2018. He also administers the club website. Dean drives in the 21.5T class and is slowly but surely becoming competitive.

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Tim Forster
Club Treasurer

Tim is the RC racing equivalent to the thinking man’s crumpet; he’s admired (though no-one will admit it) for the way he quietly delivers on the track. Off the track though, he’s always there to help, particularly on race days with timing software and telemetry and on working bees with any power tool or manual labour tasks. Tim’s efforts are greatly acknowledged by the club and valued. He also has a great sense of humour, patience and understanding. Quality attributes that comes in handy when you travel to events with Garry.

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Jamie O'Brien
General Committee

Jamie (AKA “Gus”), like Tim, is a great contributor to the club on and off the track. Quietly spoken but always worth listening to, particularly when it comes to advice on your RC car, Jamie flies around the track in the 13.5T class but also enjoys getting dirty in off-road RC racing as well. Jamie has always contributed to the club and committee but only recently taken a formal position as a general committee member. His contributions in meetings are always logical and well-measured and actions he performs on race days and working bees are equally appreciated by the club. Jamie is always the one to help setup and pack up.

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Scott Rawlings
General Committee

Remember that kid at school that was just good at everything? Scott is the grown-up RC version of that. He’s popular, he can drive a car better than anyone and he can put on an impressive paint job on a car too. Yeah, just like that kid at school …. Scott Rawlings needs no introduction to the RC community. He is well known and respected across all clubs and spreads his involvement and support across the greater RC community too. After a hiatus at the club, we are thrilled to have Scott back and contributing to the committee from the end of 2018 where his experience and perspective is of great value to the club.

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Brad Sheppard
General Committee

Brad has recently returned to on-road RC racing after a "gap year" that lasted 10 years. It's great to have him back though as his enthusiasm is infectious and we look forward to it extending from the race track to the committee. Brad is no stranger to speed and runs in the 13.5T class and has slotted in like he never left giving the class a touch of class.

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Theo Theodorou
General Committee and Greek God

Theo needs no introduction. He is both well-known within the BORRCCC (where he is a Life Member) and the greater RC community. Theo returns to the committee this year having had a break from previous stints of President and Vice President prior to a sabbatical in 2018. Theo's contacts across the local community and RC landscape are hugely valued by the club and we will see great benefit from this in Theo's role as Club Promotions Officer.