BORRCCC Committee 2020/21

Club President
Dean Smith

Dean is still a relative new comer to RC racing and the club as a whole, being introduced to the club at a time where it was challenged on a number of fronts.

Dean started as a role of Club Secretary and has used his business background skills to establish a level of governance and transparency across the club to help ensure its viability. Moving into the role of Club President was an easy transition and he aims to embrace a fun and enthusiastic culture in the club that will encourage those that have lost touch to get re-acquainted as well as promote new and passionate members in an effort to restore Bendigo to the “glory days” he hears from those long term members that pre-date him.

Club Secretary
John Sandiford

John is also new to the club and it’s easy to see from the level of inquisitiveness and effort he applies to learning the RC craft, that he has valuable skills to offer to the club.

His enthusiasm and passion make him the ideal committee member and he was quickly approached to help out and apply his skills and due diligence to the benefit of the club through the secretary role.

John’s sense of selflessness and intellect are already benefiting the club, as too is his wise-cracking nature and trash-talking on race days.

It’s just more fun when John’s around.

Club Treasurer
Tim Forster

Tim has been around the traps a long time and, along with Jamie, represent the heart and soul of the club. Everyone in RC knows and respects Tim and for good reason; he’s level headed, sincere, honest and respectful. Everything you want from a club member and a committee representative.

Tim has filled many roles on the committee over many years and always makes himself available, rolls his sleeves up, and gets to it. No fuss.

And those skills and attitude continue to pay dividends to the club through his running of the club finances, race day direction and his trade skills come in handy too!

Facilities Manager
Jamie O’Brien

Jamie has been a long term committee member and contributor as it’s in his nature to pitch in. Everyone knows Jamie; both on-road and off-road communities.

He’s a true gentleman of the hobby and will always offer his help and advice (and there’s a lot of knowledge there to draw from).

Jamie offers a great sense of historical context and respect to the club, the hobby and the people. Quietly spoken but you know what he has to say is measured, fair and on point.

Jamie was inducted as a Club Life Member last year.

Social Media
Brad Sheppard

Brad is also another new injection of enthusiasm to the club over the last couple of years and his infectious nature has played a key role in the rejuvenation of the club.

Brad runs all our social media channels and helps onboard new members and goes out of his way to accommodate people, all too commonly at his own expense. You simply will not find a more selfless guy!

Brad has a wealth of experience on the track in both on-road and off-road and you’ll find him down there regularly improving on his times.

Club Promotion
Mathew Jenkins

Mat is the only “out-of-towner” that sits on the Committee but the shear fact he is prepared to do so is an example of his attitude to help.

Mat runs a successful business, juggles a young family and has the energy to still commit to the club in so many positive ways. He’s level-headed, intelligent, and strategic, so his interactions at a committee level can’t be overstated.

His passion to the hobby and the club are in equal measure and both are the better for it!

And despite his self-deprecating nature, he can race pretty well too.