Facilities Access

We get a lot of queries from people keen to run their cars over our track. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for us to have the track open for general public access due to a number of reasons, the main being:

  • Vandalism and theft 
  • Misuse of track and damage caused
  • Public Liability Insurances

As a club, our members keep the track running with a constant influx of money, materials and hard work to account for the above and ensure it is in a state we can enjoy for our club race meets.

By opening up the track to people that may not share our values nor respect the track and the hard work that goes in to maintaining it, it is merely not an option for us.

But you do have options ….

Become a member! Both Gold and Silver Members get access to the track via our Smartphone enabled Bluetooth gate lock facilitating access any time you like.

There are some caveats to this however.

Club members are expected to participate in race meetings; it is a social club after all and based around competitive racing. Club members are also expected to be active in helping contribute to the club facility maintenance regularly.

For anyone who’s sole intent is to merely gain access to the track for the purpose of driving their car(s) around the facility on non-race day schedules with no interaction or involvement with the club in any other way, we are introducing a special non-participant membership tier.

This works as such:

  • Fill out a membership submission
  • Sign up and agree to our Code of Conduct
  • Pay for your annual club membership (non-participant) tier. This is our Gold membership fee plus an additional $50 maintenance levy
  • Membership of non-participants will be monitored and the club reserves the right to revoke your membership and track access if it is found that you have breached your obligation to maintain and respect the track. We can validate this by cross-referencing access to the track from our gate lock access logs.

But why not be active?

Being an active club member means participating in our club days and being a social member of the club. It is a great way to meet new people and share in your passion of RC racing with like-minded participants. You get to race with fellow competitors, learn from each other and enjoy their company. It is simply a much more enjoyable experience!

Club memberships come in two variants based on how regular you think you can attend over the course of a year.  

Silver Memberships allow you to pay a reduced membership fee but you also pay race day fees on the days you attend. Gold membership fees are all inclusive and suitable for members who regularly attend race day meets.

Choosing the right membership plan

Active membership (Gold and Silver) tiers do come with the expectation of participation and help in maintaining the club’s facilities.  

Purchasing one of these memberships instead of a Non-Participant membership with the express intent of saving money but not contributing to the club is a direct violation of our Code of Conduct. As such, the club :

  • reserves the right to enforce a non-participant membership tier and associated payment
  • reserves the right to not renew membership the following year
  • reserves the right to cut off track access (in extreme circumstances)

Any such actions would be communicated to the member after a consultative process where all considerations will be tabled and discussed.

We need to ensure the club’s culture and values are respected and this process allows us to ensure the club operates in a fair manner for all members.

How do I get access to the Gate Lock?

As part of our onboarding process, you will be sent an email with next steps that includes instructions for registering to our gate lock. It requires you sending an email to our Gate Administrator at access@bendigorccarclub.com who can then walk you through installing and configuring the bluetooth app on your phone, which acts as your key to the track.