Our aim here is to provide newcomers to the hobby (or those considering getting in to the hobby) a bit of a starting point on information relating to all aspects of RC car racing run at BORRCCC.  

For those who have no exposure to RC racing, we want this section to be a reference point for providing a bit of clarity to what can seem a daunting amount of information.

This little corner of the website is dedicated to helping learn about the fundamentals of RC car racing.  It hopefully doesn’t appeal to just beginners but also experienced racers alike as we will delve into aspects of the cars and their set-ups to hopefully dispel myths, unravel confusion and just get a kick out of understanding concepts if you are interested in getting extra geeky with it.

BORRCCC focus on 1/10th scale on-road cars in a number of varying classes that accommodate all driver experience and skills from novice drivers to seasoned competitors.  Cars come in the form of Ready-to-run and kit builds that enable you to customise your racing kit to your heart’s content.

Starting out can be daunting but the club is very supportive and helpful in providing advice and assistance in understanding all components and requirements to get you up and running fast.  We can introduce you to the sport via our club cars to give you practice and experience before delving in to your own purchase (which we can also assist with).

BORRCCC is a social and family-oriented club fostering values of camaraderie and fun.  Come check out one of our race days and talk to some of the racers; it’s a great way to learn!

Essentially, a race car consists of the following elements:

• a chassis (either Ready-to-run or in kit format to build)

• a radio controller

• a motor (varying speeds and capabilities!)

• an electronic speed controller (ESC)

• a servo (steers the front wheels)

• a battery / batteries (LiPo)

• a transponder (records your lap times)

• a range of tools and accessories!

You tend to start off with the basics when getting in to RC cars.  Many of our club members run with this kit whilst others go on to accumulate a complex and vast “pit bag” when racing competitively across the state, country or internationally!