This little corner of the website is dedicated to helping learn about the fundamentals of RC car racing.  Even though it’s titled Noob Corner, It hopefully doesn’t appeal to just beginners (newbies / “noobs”) but also experienced racers alike as we will delve into aspects of the cars and their set-ups to hopefully dispel myths, unravel confusion and just get a kick out of understanding concepts if you are interested in getting extra geeky with it.

It is expected this section will grow over time to include sections on car set-up, electrics, motor settings and more, but initially has a basic setup understanding and out first in-depth topic for Gearing, titled “Am I geared for this?”.  Please feel free to take a look around and hopefully you pick up some information that allows you to grasp a concept that gives you a sense of understanding or even a competitive edge!

Coming soon:

  • all the things an electronic speed controller (ESC) can do that I don’t yet understand
  • car set-up and how camber, toe, droop impact the car performance and how I can match this to my driving style
  • how a timed motor works and how it can be tweaked
  • batteries and the battery charging process