Inter Club Round 1 Review

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Last weekend saw a very successful run of the rescheduled Round 1 at Templestowe under perfect conditions. A great turnout from all clubs but it was fair to say TFTR dominated all classes on the day.

Unfortunately, we had a few unable to make the journey from Bendigo due to a range of circumstances and we were predominantly represented by some of our newer inexperienced drivers. This was particularly relevant to our 21.5T racers, the first of our rundowns…

Team Bendigo


Phil, Lloyd and Dean all competed well in the B Mains. All three drove consistently and did a great job on a technical track with no prior practice. As expected, the high class TFTR guys dominated the A Mains taking out the Top 5 spots before Luke grabbed some points for Geelong in 6th and Trevor picking up points for SERCCC in 7th.

Dean Smith finished in 11th spot, Lloyd Manks 12th and Phil McKendry 14th for a handful of points that will contribute to us in the series overall. Well done guys.


We had a horrid day on the track in Modified. Neither Jamie O’Brien, Mat Jenkins or Paul Goodie had any luck in a tightly contested field that contained a lot of bash and crash throughout the day.

Chris and Blair from SERCCC interrupted TFTR’s dominance for Modified but Team Bendigo will be better for the run come Round 2 on home turf with a larger contingency. Mat Jenkins finished highest for us in 6th place but was on the money all day for speed and had a few unlucky tangles and breakages. Jamie O’Brien finished 7th and Paul Goodie 8th, both having hard days but competing with smiles and classy attitudes. Awesome work guys.


This was the one class we were unable to field any entries in unfortunately. Big field again dominated by TFTR so the pressure is on for all clubs to try and wrestle away their dominance away from home turf. We expect to have some guys vying for high points in Round 2!


Mat was our lone entry in Mini and did well to juggle this with 12th Scale and Modified (!) but didn’t quite have it his way in Mini on the day. Some traction rolls didn’t help but the 3 big guns from TFTR in Tim, Jason D and Jason M were always going to be tough on home turf. Finishing in 4th on the day was still a great effort Mat. Well done.

12th Scale

Probably the most rewarding result for the club was Mat’s 5th place in TFTR’s chosen bonus class; 12th scale PAN. For a class he’d never driven in before, his pace was right up there and it’s fair to say, with his run of bad luck in both mod and mini, 12th scale was Mat’s most enjoyable and rewarding class on the day. 12th scale was an entertaining watch and very closely contested but Brian took away the points for TFTR with an impressive display.


All up, it is worth trotting out the ol’ cliche: racing was the winner on the day. Great attendance from all clubs and it sets us up for a successful series over the course of the year. Congrats to the team at Templestowe on a well run day and for everyone who competed. Let’s hope to see a lot of guys in Bendigo for Round 2! Here is how we are looking after Round 1:

TFTR – 321 pts

SERCCC – 104 pts

BORRCCC – 59 pts

GRCCC – 46 pts

For those who haven’t seen it yet, check out the video of the day’s action courtesy of Chris Nickelson!