New Year, New Formats

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In addition to our fortnightly schedule we introduced last week, we’re also tweaking the format of our traditional 3rd Sunday of the month schedule based on feedback and an aim to streamline the day’s racing.

The committee feels the day tends to “drag on” a bit longer than it needs to and this has a negative impact on attendance, particularly those who have to travel and don’t want to wait too late in the day to get back on the road home. So beginning February 21, we’re going to make the following tweaks to the day:

  • Racing will start at 9am sharp instead of 10am. We understand this might make it harder for travellers to get there for the start of the day but this will be offset by getting on the road for the return home, an hour earlier. We also believe the earlier start is extra important during the hot summer months particularly, to finish up before the hottest part of the afternoon.
  • There will be no lunch break and racing will continue through. We’ll still have our BBQ and you’ll be able to help yourself to snags, grazing at your own leisure around your racing schedule, between 12 and 1:30pm. We think this will reduce the impact on the day’s length by an additional 45 mins.
  • We’ll try and be a bit more streamlined with race schedules by reducing the times between rounds. It’s always been important to Bendigo that the social interactions are as important as the racing itself, so we will look to strike a balance between race efficiency and a relaxed vibe. We think there is room to move on being a little bit more rigid and disciplined without making the day more stressful and this too should save us some time.

All up, with a 9am start, we would like to see the day finish at 2-2:30pm and think this will be much more appealing for travellers and locals alike. Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook, Messenger or WhatsApp social media challenges as feedback is important to us and helps us make the right choices for the club and for you as a participant / future participant!