Racing Status for Sunday

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As of 11:59pm tonight, the lockdown for regional Victoria ends. In its place come a range of restrictions that are vague and open to interpretation; particularly in the context of whether RC racing aligns to community sporting activities, entertainment or public space guidelines.
Given our scheduled race meet for this coming Sunday and the flurry of questions around whether or not we will be racing, the committee have been working to understand our position and whether we can run within the regulation guidelines. Clearly, our priority needs to be a good community citizen group who adhere to and respect the rules and consider health and safety of everyone Ove our own individual interests.

We have collectively reviewed the rules and believe we can safely run this coming Sunday event with a revised format under specific conditions. Before getting to these, here are the specific guidelines we have considered in our decision points.

  • Sport & ExerciseJunior outdoor community sport can return and adults can train outdoors. We believe this will allow us to run on Sunday but in a revised format where we run a non-standard / non-competition day that will be run as a practice event. Essentially, we are going to practice using the Inter Club format to ensure we set up the timing system in accordance with those rules. It is in essence a training day for both racers and the club to practice this running format; standard club day race formats will not be adhered to on this day.
  • Entertainment – Caps of 50 people per venue and a density limit of one person per 4 square metres applies to all open venues. In the context of “entertainment” rule guidelines, we would adhere to the rules in any case, but will cap the drivers stand access to a maximum of 6 people on Sunday to ensure the distance compliance here.
  • Public Spaces – Up to 10 people can gather outdoors. This is the contentious point for many people as it clearly contradicts the two points above. We believe that the BORRCCC track isn’t a public space and therefore not appropriate to this guideline. Our Sunday race meet would more align to the Sport & Exercise or entertainment classifications above. Having said that, we do want to acknowledge this requirement to ensure groups of no more than 10 can congregate on the day. So we will limit the number of attendees that can group in pit areas and split them to both sides of the shed and even to the other side of the back straight (tennis courts) so that people are social distancing in any case. We feel this compromise is in the best spirits of the ruling.

So, what will this mean for Sunday?

  • We will allow attendance from any racers that are in regional areas and not in metropolitan Melbourne lockdown locations.
  • You will need to pre-register on the website. If you do not do this, you will not be allowed access on the Sunday. It is important we understand numbers and can plan for this in advance! So we are putting a cutoff time for registrations to Sat 12pm. Please ensure you register before then.
  • Mask wearing will be mandatory.
  • QR code check-in will be required and social distancing enforced.
  • You will be allocated a position for your gazebo based on the number of people and our requirements to adhere to groupings of no more than ten people.
  • You are prepared for a non-standard race day format that will align to a training format only.
  • We will start at 9am as per standard times.