It's a wrap!

We are done and dusted for another year. This year's event however represented a significant change to our club and the direction we have been taking over the last 12 months. We were thrilled with the number of entries we received this year; a significant improvement on the previous year and we took that as a vote of confidence in our new culture and committee.

But it was the feedback we had from everyone over the course of the weekend that truly excited is the most, with a common turn of phrase being used regularly …. Bendigo is Back! This was pleasing in two ways for us; 1) it validates the hard work we have put in and level of confidence in us that is being generated and 2) it demonstrated our capabilities in putting the RC community first and foremost again.

We greatly appreciate the turnout and hope our hospitality and company is something that will entice you back again next year. And spread the word to others so we can make it bigger and better.

There were a couple of other ad hoc contributors to our event the weekend I'd also like to shout out to, in addition to our generous sponsors / supporters.

Firstly, to
Jason Dickson for offering up on-the-spot, a fully painted body to the raffle draw. This would be a major prize in and of itself, particularly given Jason's skills here. You may recall Jason being the deserving winner of the Concourse judging!

Secondly, to Morris at
Mozzed Photography for coming out and taking some sensational photos for us all to enjoy. Please check out Morris' Facebook page and give him some support and recognition: @mozzedphotography

So here is a summary of the event as our way of saying thanks for coming and being a part of our rebirth.
Bendigo is Back!

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This was intense … and the most fitting finish to the weekend's racing!
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