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Step 1 – Registration

Racing for the 2019 Summer Spec Series starts January and entries are open now!

This season, we’re making a few tweaks to the format, the significant one being a change to a GT body!  These bodies are courtesy of RAB Hobbies and the club would like to acknowledge the support of Ren for jumping onboard as the sponsor for this series.

Please register so we have your details and position on record.  First in best dressed for colour options and car numbers.  Please note that your preferences here will be at the discretion of the are committee.  If we deem the colour choice too similar to a competitor choice, we may negotiate with you to change the colour or tone to avoid confusion etc.

As per last series, you may provide your own Spec Class Motor but BORRCCC will continue offering up our current stock of motors for purchase for a very reasonable $30!  You can choose to purchase one of these motors in the Payment Section as Step 2 of this process, if you wish.  Alternatively, the club will offer these motors for hire for $5 per race meet.

We are relaxing the “single colour” body rule for this series too, so you can have an additional “race trim” colour but nothing too elaborate that will detract from the look and feel of traditional GT style racing.  You will also be free to place stickers on your cars but may only reference the RAB Hobbies sponsored hobby shop stickers as apposed to any other personal sponsorship that conflicts with RAB.  Please keep the stickers to a minimum however.  The car numbers will remain uniform and in the same position as previous series and will be provided by the club for consistency.

Depending on numbers, we’d like to try and accommodate 2 tiers in the Spec Class with experienced and faster racers in a competitive A Mains and newer beginners in a B Mains categorisation.  We feel this class offers everyone a great experience and encourage racers of all classes to get onboard and support the club in this racing format.

Registration in to the class will only be given upon receipt of payment.  You will not be provided your GT body or confirmed car colour and number until payment is received.

Summer Spec Series 2019
eg Yokomo, Destiny, Associated, Xray
eg. Puffy, Team Powers, Team Zombie, Team Orion
eg. Hobbywing, Speed Passion, Tekin, Turnigy


Step 2 – Payment

You can pay directly for the series via PayPal below.  Alternatively, payment plan options will also be available of you’d prefer to make regular instalments.  Speak to one of the committee members on how we can facilitate this for you.


Series Entry $50 includes GT Body.    


Optionally, you can include the purchase of one of the club’s control motors for an additional $30 purchase with your entry series entry.