Easter Wrap-Up

Saturday 16th April culminated in some perfect weather deserving of all the effort in planning that went into this one.  The day was an enormous success on four fronts:

1) It showcased RC Racing to healthy audience numbers across the day and promoted the hobby far and wide to an enthusiastic crowd of all demographics.  We were able to distribute information pamphlets and answer a steady stream of questions throughout the day to many interested community members.

2) It provided a great day of entertainment for those who actually participated and raced in such a unique event.  Feedback from all was that it was a great day and fun to have been involved in.

3) It contributed to the club's finances through a raffle prize so generously donated by Hearns Hobbies.  We were able to sell a good number of tickets on the day and were pleased to see our own Jeff Biggs take this prize home given his significant purchase of tickets!

4) It demonstrated our ability to plan and implement a great event to the City of Greater Bendigo, largely off the incredible planning of the Easter Sub-Committee led by Louise and Dwight Cheesman, Stephen Ballestrino and Jeff Biggs.  The effort here we predict will make us a marque entertainment promotion for future easter events within the council events planning group for years to come.

There have been countless hours that went into the planning of this event.  The development of council plans (safety plans, risk registers, site logistics and permits) as well as race planning, equipment requirements, promotional materials and other aspects deserves some individual recognition.  To Dwight and Louise (who endured a considerable amount of planning whilst looking after a covid-ravaged household), thank you for the enormous planning here.  To Stephen, who travelled great distances to collect and pack a trailer, co-ordinate the promotional video content (which looked fantastic on the big screen!), assist in planning and on-the-day set-up and tear-down, your efforts were amazing and greatly appreciated.  Likewise, Jeff, who also contributed a great deal of time and energy in preparing for the event.  To Copper Davis, thanks for undertaking the test & tagging of the electrical cables, and to Tim and Jamie, who just roll up their sleeves and do it all, time and time again.  

For those that helped on the day, thanks for making the event run smoothly.  John's efforts on handling enquiries and raffle tickets was great as to was Mathew Jenkins on MC'ing the day and Tim for his race direction.  It was very well done by all.

To those who just jumped in and competed in a very fluid race day format, thanks for being such good sports and ambassadors to the club.  

And finally, to Brett T and Hearns, for coming to the day and so graciously contributing to the event via sponsorship of the raffle.  We are very grateful and look forward to working with you closely moving forward.

Whilst we'll all take a week or so to unwind from this one, we're looking forward to seeing how the impact of this resonates through to our standard race day events.  So whilst normal programming resumes for us, we hope the time and effort put in by everyone here is fruitful and that your contributions to the club make you proud.

Let's do it all again next year!


2022 Championship Points Tables


This year, we are running an ongoing Championship Series with cumulative point allocations over the course of the year culminating in series presentations at our Christmas break up awards.

This series is only eligible to club members so the tables will only reflect those points awarded here to club members.  So if you've raced here but your name isn't on the list, becoming a member will rectify that ;-)

Championship rounds are conducted on the 3rd Sunday of each month only, not the 1st Sunday of the month meets.

Results after round 3 : Sunday March 20.  Worst 2 rounds are dropped for each racer over the course of the CHampionship Series.  This means that as of completion of Round 2, only the best 2 results are included in the tally.


Junior Kyosho

Noah Jenkins 197
Nash McGillivray 190
Harry Jenkins 188
Jack Dewhurst 100
Henri Rossi 96
Oscar Lord 92
Riley Cheesman 89



Lyndon Turvey 195
Colin Sheppard 193
Jeffery Biggs 193
Jack Dewhurst 188
Louise Cheesman 187
Peter Malia 187
Marie Camm 186
Connor Hall 184
Stephen Ballestrino 182
Braddy Sheppard 100
Karl Popkorn 95
Harley Braddock 95
Ross Amphlett 94
Henri Rossi 93
Robbie Hutchinson 91
Max Perry 89
Darren Perry 87
Nash McGillivray 83



Connor Hall 196
Henry Rossi 194
Stephen Ballestrino 193
Robbie Hutchinson 100
Riley Cheesman 94
Oscar Lord 93



Jamie O'Brien 197
Mathew Jenkins 197
Tim Boundy 196
Tim Forster 192
Sam Rossi 189
Dean Smith 189
Jason Dickson 94
Aaron Young 90



Dwight Cheesman 197
Lachlan McGillivray 192
Jason Dickson 100
Lloyd Manks 100
Gus Evernett 94



Lyndon Turvey 200
Colin Sheppard 192
Peter Malia 190
Noah Jenkins 187
Marie Camm 185
Darren Perry 96
Ted Morton 96
Aaron Young 94
John Sandiford 94
Lloyd Manks 93



Tim Boundy 200
Tim Forster 193
Sam Rossi 192
Dean Smith 191
Braddy Sheppard 97
Andre Morton 95
Piers Morton 94



Cooper Davis 200
Brad Gale 197
Jamie O'Brien 193
Braddy Sheppard 190
Mathew Jenkins 190
Karl Popkorn 189
Leigh Cleine 188


5 June Club Day

  • Strathdale Park
  • 05-06-2022
  • 09:00 – 16:00

June Race Day with Kyosho, Tamiya, Novice Touring Car, 21.5T, 13.5T, TCR-FWD and Modified Classes... More Details

Round 5 Championship Series

  • Strathdale Park
  • 19-06-2022
  • 09:00 – 16:00

Round 5 of the 2022 Championship Series!  Classes to include with Kyosho, Tamiya, Novice Touring ... More Details

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