Sunday 7th March 9am

Bendigo Race Meet Registration

We have now introduced a permanent registration process for our race meets, serving 2 distinct purposes:

  1. It allows us to record and log entrants for COVID compliance purposes as will continue to be a requirement for the foreseeable future
  2. It allows us to prepare for the race meet in advance for logistics such as entry submissions into the system and catering

If you do not pre-register via this form, you will not be considered an attendee nor will you be planned for as part of the day.



Please select the classes you will be running on the day.

If there are insufficient numbers on the day, we will work to incorporate your entry into a comparable class.  EG.  13.5T and Mod may be combined or 21.5T and Novice may be combined.

Next Club Day Registered Entrants

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  • Streamlined website updates

    Today, we’ve done a bit of tidying up the website to make the home page a bit less congested. A tweaked menu has links to content that is grouped as Racing related, Club related etc.

    The main reasoning for these changes however was to support an automated dynamic listing of entries as they are submitted for registrations (eg. Club Race Day registrations, Inter Club registrations). Now, a table showing all the submissions will automatically populate so you can see who has entered and validate your entry details at the same time. Just be aware that once you submit an entry, you may need to clear your browser cache and reload the page before you see your submission.

    This will become a handy addition as it means we no longer need to manually update lists. As we’re moving to required race meet registrations, this will save us significantly and also ensure everyone gets full visibility into entries in real time. No more “when are you going to provide an updated entry list?” frustration 😉