• Sunday 3 October : Club Day – 9am Start
  • 16-17 Oct : Bendigo Classic or Standard Club Day 17 Oct (TBC)

Our next local race will be Sunday 3rd October.

Registration Form will be posted here closer to the date and advertised through our Facebook Group, so please ensure you are a member of that group to stay on top of notifications.

Classic Expressions of Interest

We didn’t get to run it last year. This year is equally challenging for us. The COVID roadmap released by the Victorian State Government indicates that irrespective of the lockdown status (geographical zones or whole of state), limitations will remain on community activities to at least the end of October 2021 meaning the cap of 20 participants is almost a certainty.

This does at least give us some parameters to work with though and we we’ve crunched some numbers and think that we can get a scaled down version of the Classic up and running for local club participants only. This will allow us to work within the numbers allowed based on the following format.

  • We run a Saturday session with half the classes and a Sunday session with the other half of classes
  • We structure it as a “Classic” race meet format and include Trophies at the end of each respective day
  • We limit the number of classes people are able to run to 2 on any give day. This will ensure we have enough people to marshall and not everyone is on the drivers stand all day!

What we need to do is get everyone’s feedback on this format and whether they would be committed to attending. It will very much be an exercise in planning the class splits to ensure we get maximum participants across both days to make it worthwhile.

Please fill in the Expressions of Interest form as soon as you can to let us know if you would be a willing participant in this format. Without your input here, we can’t plan and simply wouldn’t run it, so your feedback is crucial here. Here is the link to the form:


  • Racing this Sunday

    Restrictions for this Sunday 20th June have been loosened to a maximum of 50. Not that we are likely to exceed that, but it is good to know the previous limitation of 20 will no longer cause us grief.

    Weather is supposed to be great for the weekend and Melbournians are free to travel to Bendigo too now. So hopefully we can get a great turnout and a great day’s racing!

    Remember to register.