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Winter track layout.

Here it is everyone. The track layout for the next 6 months, inclusive of the Bendigo Classic for October! So get to as many race days before the Classic as you can so you are familiar with the layout for the big event.

This layout has been designed specifically to bypass a couple of the more bumpy areas of the track to ensure a smooth and consistent performance. And it will be run backwards to the traditional layout with cars gridding on the back straight.

We think it its going to be awesome.

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AOC Wrap-up

Congratulations to the BORRCCC club member podium finishers in the AOC 2019!

Garry Logan won the 21.5T Mains D class and Scott Rawlings took out 2nd Place in the VTA Mains A class!

Other honourable top 10 finishes in Mains A go to Scott Rawlings in the Formula 1 Class (4th) and Baden McDonald in the 21.5T Class (7th).

Did the club proud boys!

As did other club participants in Matthew Johnson-Begg, Theo Theodorou and Dean Smith.

It was a spectacular event and a credit to Frank and the entire team at SERCCC for all the hard work they put on over the event. We acknowledge the many hours it takes to put that on and the SERCCC team did it with a smile on their faces and made everyone welcome.

Scotty Ernst at AOCRC always puts on a spectacular show and this year it was again run with a level of professionalism, entertainment value and humility that Scott is so well respected and admired for.

We've added a small collection of some of the official photos to our Gallery Section but more can be found from the SERCCC Facebook feed.

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Sunday 21st July. 10am start

October 2018

Friday, 19th



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