Racing resumes (COVID-style)

With Regional Victoria now moving to Step 3 of the COVID recovery roadmap, the club is able to resume race meets once again provided we adhere to the Department of Health & Human Services directives applicable to outdoor sporting and recreational activities.

As such, the club has developed a COVID Plan and this will be fully adhered to for all race meets in the foreseeable future. This includes pre-registration for race days to control numbers and abide by event logging requirements.

If you intend to come to the next race meet listed below, you will be required to pre-register in the following form up until 5pm on the day prior to the race meet. If you do not pre-register, you will not be permitted attendance to the site.

Next Race Meet:

Sunday Nov 15 – 10:00am Start

Contact us by filling out the form below.

Bendigo Race Meet Registration (COVID Plan)

BORRCCC need to comply with the Dept of Health & Human Services Victoria guidelines in order to open back up to racing.  A part of this compliance means we need to implement a COIVD Plan and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Social Distancing measures (1.5m) will be enforced
  • All attendees will need to provide and wear at all times, a face mask
  • Attendees will need to adhere to directives around personal hygiene standards and directives from club committee personnel applicable to cleaning etc as required / requested
  • Attendees will need to be from Regional Victoria only and not be a resident of Mitchell Shire or Metropolitan Melbourne (as per government lockdown rulings)
  • Attendees must not have any COVID symptoms, must not have been in contact with anyone with COVID symptoms within the last 14 day period 
  • Attendees will need to pre-register through the fulfilment of this form prior to each race meet (for the foreseeable future) and agree to abide by these rules via acceptance of these processes in the form tick box
  • Site access will be restricted to race participants only


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