Kyosho Class Rules

Kyosho Class Rules

We started a Kyosho RC class at the club as a perfect Entry Level Ready to Run (RTR) option for newcomers to RC racing.  The Kyosho Fazer MK 2 models are the perfect platform that come complete with almost everything you need to get up and started, at a budget price point.  For ~$400, you get a Ready to Run kit that comes in a number of stunning car models, pre-built with a motor, servo, speed controller and radio transmitter and receiver.  All you need to add is a battery and optional touring car slick wheels, and you are ready to go.  This brief information guide runs through all the details you need to know about where you can buy them, the options, recommended spare part details and our rules for racing them at the club.


We developed the Kyosho class to appeal to newcomers as a cheap and easy way to get into RC racing.  And we want to keep it that way.

By restricting the number of upgrades (hop-ups) to just those that are included with the kit packs directly, it means competition is even and more enjoyable.  If you want a class that facilitates tweaking of or customisation of parts for performance gains, we recommend you look at our traditional touring car classes such as Novice, 21.5T, 13.5T or Modified.

For Kyosho, we will only allow the following options outside of the kit components.

- Upgrade from the included plastic pinion gear to a steel 32 tooth 48 pitch gear.  Part # SUR3020-02 ($8)

- Soldering the ESC yellow and blue wires directly onto the motor, if you so desire.

You may also upgrade your radio set if you wish, along with the steering servo, but all other electrics must be kit stock.  This includes the ESC (KYOSHO KA-60691W).

Any standard 190-200mm touring car body may also be used with the kit and are fully compatible.

Kit tyres may be used or any 1/10 touring car tyres of your choice.

We also recommend the investment in a transponder for your car so you can record and log your lap times in practice sessions at the track and remove the requirement for installing and removing temporary club transponders after each race on race meets.

Spare Parts

Whilst the Kyosho RTR Fazer Mk2 kits are robust, it is good to know that there are also sufficient spare parts available from your local Kyosho dealer as well.

We've put together a list for you here with some part numbers you may want to consider to ensure you're always prepared for whatever happens on race day.

The great part about these kits is the pricing for the spares.  So think about grabbing a few of these with your initial purchase or shortly thereafter.


KYO-FA505B - Wheel Shaft Set ($25)

KYO-FA556-68 - 68 tooth Spur Gear ($12)

KYO-FA551B - Touring Car Suspension Arm Set

Front and Rear suits Left or Right ($15)

KYO-FA552 - Touring Car Swing Shaft Set

(Dog Bones & Hex adaptors ($28)



Any Prewired LiPo 2S battery is permitted in this class, but consider a round casing (Stick Pack) if you intend to use the battery in some of the other controlled classes too. Truck requires the use of the round case Lipo, Square cased Lipo's needing 4 or 5 mm terminals inserted in them are not permitted for this class.  Connectors MUST be Deans or appropriate XT type connectors.  Connectors provide you with assurance you will not connect a battery with reverse polarity causing expensive damage to your electronics.



Kit tyres and all 1/10 scale touring car tyres (52mm) are permitted for use in this class.  The use of NON Chemical based environmentally friendly cleaners is permitted but there is to be no saucing of tyres and the use of tyre wrmers is also not permitted.