Any FWD, full independent suspension chassis.  

Dimensions and specs as per RCRA ISTC guidelines.

Motor / ESC Combo

Hobbywing XR10 Justock 13.5T combo or if buying individually;

MOTOR: Justock 3650 G2.1 13.5T (legacy G2 variant also legal)

ESC: Xerun XR10 Justock G3 (legacy non-G3 variant also legal)

ESC to Motor wires may be replaced up to 14AWG.

Wheels / Tyres

Wheels must have spokes/holes as manufactured.  No solid flat disc faced rims.  Tyres are rubber only, open compound, open inserts. Slicks and treaded tyres are both legal. Dimensions and specs as per RCRA ISTC guidelines.

Body Shells

Eligible bodies are reasonable scale representations of any existing "B/C-Segment" Front Wheel Drive Sedan/Hatchback/Wagon with a minimum allowable roof height of 125mm measured at the highest point of the roof.  Wings must be supplied with the original body and must be painted, not clear.


As per RCRA ISTC guidelines.


Gearing is not restricted.


No minimum weight.


Revision Notes:

17 Aug ’22 – new information received from the TCR - TENTH SCALE FWD TOURING CAR RACING – AUS group on 8th August 2022.

  1. updated ESC combo information to currently available
  2. updated tyre detail