Tamiya Class Rules

Tamiya Class Rules


Any of the Tamiya TT-01 or TT-02 ready to run (RTR) kits - supplied with or without an Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

A few TT02 examples

1/10 TT-02 Motul Autech GT-R – Tamiya Item 58625A

1/10 TT-02 McLaren Senna – Tamiya Item 58711A

1/10 TT-02 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution – Tamiya Item 58713-A

1/10 TT-02 Subaru WRX STI NBR Challenge – Tamiya Item 58646

1/10 TT-02 Toms GR Supra GT 500 – Tamiya Item 58703

1/10 TT-02 Ford Mustang GT4 – Tamiya Item 58664A

1/10 TT-02 Ford GT MK II 2020 – Tamiya Item 58689A

A couple of TT01-E examples

1/10 TT-01E 2004 Subaru Impreza

TT01-e truck chassis (see truck rules for kit listings) with tyres, bumper and shell changed to meet below.


The following ESC's have been reviewed and permitted in the Tamiya Class

Permitted Electronic Speed Controllers


Part Number




60 Amp - Original spec, but announced redundant by Tamiya 2022 - still the preference if available



75 Amp - RC BRUSHLESS ESC 04S / brushed over 25T



60 Amp - KSH Brushed ESC



60 Amp - QUICRUN 1060 BRUSHED ESC (2-3S)



60 Amp - Brushed WP ESC with Tamiya battery plug and bullet motor connectors


The kit supplied motor or, where a kit does not include a 540 motor and you have to select for this class;

Tamiya item 54358 - RS-540 Torque-Tuned brushed Motor - 25T factory rotor.

Mabuchi stamped part number RS-540SH-7525

Steering & Steering Servo

Any steering servo is currently permitted except High Voltage variants – e.g. standard servos are normally setup to run between 5 - 6.5V

Bearings in place of bushes are allowed in steering linkages

No steering dampening mods (non-kit spacers) permitted otherwise. 

Transmitter & Receiver

Any combination is currently permitted as this class is often a second class for racers over and above a beginner class.

Body Shell

Any Tamiya car body kit or 190mm aftermarket touring car shell can be used.

Body may be painted in any scheme.


Must use kit tires and wheels where available or

Where no longer available – a hex aluminium or plastic upgrade to the standard 12mm T/C hex is allowed if needed to permit touring car tyres.  

NO tyre treatment is allowed – this means no goop or warming

Cleaning of tyres is permitted.

Tyre gluing is optional.

TT01-E chassis racing in this class (from trucks for example) must have 64mm Diameter Touring Car tyres fitted. Truck tyres offer an unfair advantage as 69mm diameter and are not allowed.   

Hop Ups / Permitted part alternatives

Ball bearings (any type/brand)

Alloy Prop Shaft set #54026

Alloy Prop Shaft part #53620

Tamiya Urethane Bumper Blue part #53683

GPM Parts Tamiya TT-01 TT01 Urethane Foam Bumper part #TT200


Any hard round-case 2S LiPo battery or Nimh (6 cells).

Removal of battery ribs for square batteries is not permitted

Tamiya battery connector may be changed to DEANS or other type.

Motor Bullet connectors may not be removed, or wires shortened.


Spur gear must remain a plastic material

Pinion is allowed to be upgraded to aluminium or steel material keeping original tooth count.

It is permitted to apply thread retaining compound to the pinion grub screw.

TT02 Tamiya variants – kit gearing only

TT01-E – must be 61t spur/19t pinion


Stock kit plastic and springs permitted only – no internal foam blocks, shock body machining, aftermarket springs or other suspension mods permitted

Main Chassis / Tub

Kit chassis only accepted with nil modifications

No material removal or weight addition permitted

Front Bumper

Kit supplied front bumpers or above mentioned alternative bumper parts only - nil modification allowed except in the following single situation.

When in both Truck and Tamiya class, it is permitted to shorten a truck bumper neatly only enough to let it fit inside your chosen 190mm T/C shell. It must still meet the below condition requirement.

Given a beginner’s class, the front bumper is critical to protect track and fellow racers equipment and must be fitted and functioning at all times in the Tamiya class.   

Any front bumper will be requested to be replaced on committee review if it has one or more of the following defects at the start of or after a major impact during a race;

  • A tear through it from outside to either of the two mount posts
  • less than 10mm left for impact to nearest plastic part (20mm plus when new)
  • severely folded up or down from repeated hits
  • signs of heat or chemical attack
  • Visually torn or severely bent plastic mount plate/support parts.